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TFL Alumni Meeting

TFL Alumni Meeting 2018

Besides supporting emerging filmmakers from all over the world through training, development, funding and distribution activities, TorinoFilmLab promotes the building of a dynamic community of international film people comprising our former participants, tutors and trainers.

For this reason, since 2012 we organize our annual TFL Alumni Meeting, a networking event conceived to exchange experiences and to share ideas with former participants from all TFL programmes. Once a year, our former participants have a chance to rejoin with fellow trainees and tutors as well as to meet new, exciting people.

This year's TFL Alumni Meeting will be held - for the 5th time - in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic). The event, which brings together fellow members of the TFL Community, will take place on 4-6 July 2018, thanks to the partnership with the 53rd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (29 June - 7 July).


3 days of screenings, encounters, round tables

Karlovy Vary IFF is the largest film festival in the Czech Republic and the most prestigious of such festival in Central and Eastern Europe. It is one of the oldest A-list film festivals. Every year, the festival presents some 200 films from all around the world and hosts many filmmakers.

The TFL Community attending KVIFF will spend three days at the centre of the Festival: housed at 5-minutes walking from Thermal Hotel, they will receive the KVIFF Industry accreditation that gives access to all professional activities organized in the frame of KVIFF Industry Days and screenings of the festival.

They will also participate in the TFL Alumni Meeting group activities, including panels, open round tables and case studies.

Wach the video from the previous edition!

State of the Industry / Antoine Le Bos, Aleksandra Świerk, Eilon Ratzkovsky, Eun-Zi Kim

Case study A CIAMBRA - Q&A with Jonas Carpignano / Matthieu Darras, Jonas Carpignano


Privileged consultations to fast-track TV Series and feature film projects

For the second year in a row, TorinoFilmLab is organizing individual script and audience engagement consultations for those willing to fast-track their TV series and/or feature film projects with TFL-trained story editors & audience designers and TFL tutors.

This opportunity is offered to all projects by TFL Alumni, whether they have already been developed with TorinoFilmLab or not.

The projects’ holders will gather with their consultants in a meeting room specially booked for them and will benefit from total privacy during the whole duration of the session (about 2 hour-long).

Benefit from their expertise!

Anita Voorham (Netherlands) – SeriesLab
Based in Amsterdam, Anita Voorham works for the Dutch Film Fund as a Feature Film Consultant. She gained experience as a writer and script-editor for independent production companies as well Dutch public broadcasters.

Philippe Barrière (France) – TFL Extended
Independent script consultant for international feature film projects. Philippe is working as consultant for several feature film projects (in England, France and Hungary) and for various workshops.


A taste of the 2018 programme

Open roundtables with TFL Alumni & KVIFF accreditees to question and share experience about the following issues:

Lab booster - Mercedes Fernandez
International laboratories have proved to be a great asset for the development of audiovisual projects. Launched ten years ago, TorinoFilmLab stands for a safe place for filmmakers, scriptwriters and producers to grow the stories of tomorrow together. With activities for feature film and TV series projects ranging from ideation to distribution and audience engagement, TFL offers a wide scope of opportunities to support emerging talents and encourage creativity.​

When, why & how should you have a story editor step in the development process? - Isabelle Fauvel
Full time job or punctual activity, for professionals of diverse profiles, story editing has been trending these last few years. What story editor profile fits your project? How do story editors find their place between the producer(s) and writer(s) of a project? What’s the best time to consider such collaboration? Let’s talk about it!

The inside story of scouting - Francesco Giai Via
Each film project starts with an encounter, a conversation in which the many people called to make a film understand that they have a common ground on which to work together. From this perspective, scouting turns into a crucial moment that favours these encounters. This roundtable will explore the various modality in taking the utmost advantage of this activity, both in formal and informal ways.

The creative producer’s outlook - Eilon Ratzkovsky
The creative producer plays a significant role in the film and TV industry today. The search for up-and-coming scriptwriters and directors leads to the need for an experienced producer that will not only finance the projects through different schemes but will also take an active part in the creative side of the production. We will discuss the different aspects of the role of the creative producer – from the script to the fine cut.


Moderated by TFL Artistic Director Matthieu Darras
The most recent events in the film industry have sparked the notion that there are too few women in the industry. Initiatives are multiplying, such as gender equality pledges, quantified targets, and new funds announced by European governments. Statistics support this: whereas 44% of film students are female, only one film out of five is directed by a woman in Europe. To what extent is this necessary and is it the right path? What do women filmmakers have to say?


Special partnership with MIDPOINT Feature Launch showcase!

TorinoFilmLab partners with KVIFF and MIDPOINT to offer a unique opportunity to all TFL Alumni producers, who are invited to attend the MIDPOINT Feature Launch showcase of the 9 feature film projects developed within the programme.

The pitching session will take place on Monday, July 2 and will be followed by one-on-one meetings that will continue also on Tuesday, July 3.

More info on MIDPOINT programme & projects here.


TFL Alumni Meeting

The TFL Alumni Meeting is the exclusive annual gathering for TorinoFilmLab's former participants.

A unique get-together to share ideas and watch movies together.