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TFL Next – Film Development: announcing 8 new feature film projects

TFL Next

TFL Next – Film Development: announcing 8 new feature film projects

June 8, 2020

Another week, another workshop: we are thrilled to welcome a new group of filmmakers for our online training TFL Next – Film Development!

The selection includes 8 feature film projects, with a total of 16 participants. Most of them are from Europe: the countries represented are Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Kosovo, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, as well as Chile, Singapore and the United States. We are glad to welcome back the TFL Alumni Wannes Destoop (SeriesLab 2018) and Tom Dupont (ScriptLab 2015), teaming on participating with Wannes’ new project.

The first part of the workshop will last until Friday June 12th. The 8 teams will work under the guidance of their TFL Tutors, Eilon Ratzkovsky (Israel) and Isabelle Fauvel (France). After a week to rework their materials, they will participate in a 2 day-long session on June 22-23. The training will conclude one month later with a last one-on-one consultancy with the tutor, who will provide further advice for the next steps of development.

We wish them a good and productive workshop!

Full selection:

- 2000: A POST-WAR ODYSSEY by Zgjim Terziqi and Valmira Hyseni (Kosovo)
- CUERPO CELESTE by Nayra Ilic and Dominga Ortuzar (Chile)
- DAUGHTER OF ADAM by Fateme Ahmadi and Jack Tarling (United Kingdom)
- IMAGINABLE by Michael Culpepper (United States) and Nikki Draper (Singapore)
- KINGDOM by Bettina Oberli and Thomas Ritter (Switzerland)
- SOUVENIR by Thanos Psichogios and Vassiliki Petsa (Greece)
- THE HOLY ROSITA by Wannes Destoop and Tom Dupont (Belgium)
- TRANCE MOUNTAIN by Illum Jacob and Hans Frederik Jacobsen (Denmark)