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Free webinar: What is the future of storytelling after the Pandemic?

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Free webinar: What is the future of storytelling after the Pandemic?

June 25, 2020

TorinoFilmLab is hosting a free webinar which will be available in a live, Zoom streaming on Monday the 29th of June, discussing one of the most pressing issues that we, as creatives, are going to face in the post-corona virus era: What is the future of storytelling after the Pandemic? 


The whole world has experienced a time where people are quarantined, isolated, where contact is limited, and social distancing is the new rule. As productions are slowly starting to resume and theatres are beginning to operate again, writers will want to be armed with the strongest script possible. There will also be a great need for scripted content, as audiences will see their lives differently, and continue to seek the work of artists to reaffirm their values.

Storytelling is a method that humans have used to manage their fear of the unknown for centuries. It is also a strong mean to raise awareness and to contribute, from a small scale, to the reflection about today’s world, to reinvent tomorrow. Which are the new challenges that screenwriters will have to face? What new stories will they tell and how will they represent the pandemic and the new reality(ies)?

To discuss some of these questions, we have invited the following speakers: Violeta Bava (Argentina) Producer & TFL FeatureLab Head of Studies, Leila Lyytikäinen (Finland) Producer & member of the ACE network; Fabio Mollo (Italy) Writer/Director;  Stefano Sardo - (Italy) Screenwriter & President of 100 Autori.

The webinar is realised in collaboration with ACE producers, an exclusive network of experienced independent film producers from Europe and beyond.

Join us on Monday the 29th of June at 6 PM (CET)!

To register for the webinar, please click here.

The webinar will only be accessible through registration.