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Immersive Storytelling to be addressed by a special TFL Extended - Organization workshop with the Netherlands Film Fund

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Immersive Storytelling to be addressed by a special TFL Extended - Organization workshop with the Netherlands Film Fund

October 8, 2020

In collaboration with TorinoFilmLab, the Netherlands Film Fund has initiated an intensive workshop on Immersive Storytelling to take place online from October 26th to October 30th. Created in the frame of the TFL Extended – Organization scheme, TorinoFilmLab will offer its know-how and network of professional experts to design the first VR workshop centred around creative storytelling


“This is a young and vibrant work field. The workshop is initiated to boost up the quality of storytelling but also to exchange creative and technical knowledge and to build up a network globally”, states Dorien van de Pas, Film Fund Head of New Screen and President of the Immerse\Interakt commission.

The selection includes a total of 8 projects in development: 5 from the Netherlands, 2 from Luxemburg and 1 from Belgium. All of them will be developed by teams of two participants, who already have experience in designing immersive content. For 5 days, the participants will have the possibility to explore the world of immersive and/or interactive storytelling, both from a theoretical and a practical approach

The content will be overseen by Michel Reilhac (France), who will act as Head of Studies. He will work on the projects alongside tutors:

  • Alysha Naples (United States), an immersive experience designer and Chief Experience Officer at Tin Drum, who will focus on User Experience Design;
  • Yonatan Munk (United States), an expert on Creative Technology, owner of a PhD on Integrative Biology from the University of Berkeley;
  • Ioulia Isserlis (Russia), an award-winning VR producer, director and writer based in Berlin, who will tackle Story Writing – joining the workshop directly from within a VR platform.


The 8 projects selected for the Immersive Storytelling workshop are:

- A LOVE OF Y2K by creator and director Laura Mannelli and immersive designer and chief technologist Frederick Thompson (Luxembourg)

- ANOUSHKA by director & producer Tamara Shogaoulu and producer Marcela Stolzmann (Netherlands)

- BLOOD OF THE MOON by director Abner Preis and producer Firat Sezgin (Netherlands)

- BLURRING BOUNDARIES by directors Quirine Racké and Helena Muskens (Netherlands)

- DNA? AND? by director Iris van der Meule and producer Corinne Meijers (Netherlands)

- NOA by director Jan De Deken (Belgium)

- SOLEILS NOIRS by writers/directors Stéphane Hueber-Blies and Nicolas Blies (Luxembourg)

- THE VIRTUAL GROUP by director Steye Hallema and technical producer Eric Magnée (Netherlands)