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TFL Next - TV: the participants of the first workshop of 2021

TFL Next

TFL Next - TV: the participants of the first workshop of 2021

March 17, 2021

The first TFL Next workshop of 2021 is about to begin. It’s time to finally disclose the names of the selected participants who will work, between March and April, on their TV Series project.

“We’re really excited to start this new year of TFL Next” says Angelica Cantisani, head of TFL Next. “Last year we came up with this new branch of activities held totally online as a quick-fix solution to pandemic, but soon we understood that it was worthy to be building experiences online and that TFL Next was there to stay and to get better”.

TFL Next, which aims at empowering a new generation of agile- thinking and innovative filmmakers, featured in 2020, 124 participants - split among 8 workshops covering different fields like audience design, story editing and film development - for a total of 72 projects involved.

Ten were the tutors engaged in the training processes 2020 and we are happy to welcome aboard for the new round the scriptwriters and story editors Eszter Angyalosy (Hungary) and Chiara Laudani (Italy) that will work together with the producer Eilon Ratzkovsky (Israel) in the occasion of this first workshop.

But let’s take a peek at the 12 projects which, in time, will turn into catching TV Series.

INSANITY by Audrey Gagneux (UK)
In 1942, Germans decide to use Maréville, French psychiatric hospital, as new headquarters. The cohabitation between mentally ill patients, psychiatrists and German soldiers traumatized by massacres, will blur the notions of insanity.

LIE ON ME by Ilija Tiricovski and Eva Kamchevska (Macedonia)
A 28-year-old girl living a monotonous and lonely life in her small flat, finds out that her bed can not only speak but is also in love with her.

THE STUDY by Mille Bjørke and Julie Budtz Sørensen (Denmark)
Two young people start their dream education at The Danish School of Journalism and are about to be a new generation of the 4th state power. Even if they come from two very different upbringings they both realise to have something the other one needs.

SEX UNDER SIEGE by Jakub Volák and Tomáš Vlček (Czech Republic)
Despite the approaching Second World War, the four women living in Prague are not willing to give up what they cherish the most: consuming love, good sex and persistent struggle for better future.

SNIFFS N PURRS by Deepti Chawla (India)
Sniffs and Purrs is a live action dramedy revolving around a collective ‘heaven for pets’ dream of three central characters who have little in common otherwise.

THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT by Georg Tiller and Maéva Ranaïvojaona (France and Austria)
A young psychoanalyst driving the old car of her disappeared mother discovers a way to get in her parent’s eco-terrorist pasts, putting into question her own identity and complicating the road trip ahead of her.

A murder happens during a partridge hunt. The policeman Hilário Pasubio will help solve the problem while finishing the hunt alongside with his father-in-law and his friends.

THE LAMBS OF CHRIST by Ray Lawlor (Ireland)
A fundamentalist Christian family in small town Ireland follow their God-given mission to rescue their country from itself.

THIS IS NOT SWEDEN by Aina Clotet and Sergi Cameron (Spain)
After the tragic death of a teenager, This Is Not Sweden confronts a couple of young parents with a tough contradiction: how to protect their children from the dangers of living.

TUNA by Thessa Meijer (The Netherlands)
When swimming pool lifeguard Zoe (17) is attacked by a tongue eating parasite, her teenage angst is put on edge.

URCA - THE JOB CENTER FOR ONLY FANTASTIC CREATURES by Debora Desio and Gianluca Gloria (Italy)
What happens, if all fantastic creatures risk to disappeared? URCA the new life of fantastic creatures, in post-fantasy Era!

YASMINE/JASMINE by Yossera Bouchtia (Morocco)
After the sudden and mysterious death of their mother, a grieving daughter must contend with haunting visitations from her doppelganger to put an end to a generational curse.