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ALPI FILM LAB: the 2021 French/Italian selection is out

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ALPI FILM LAB: the 2021 French/Italian selection is out

April 26, 2021

The first edition of ALPI FILM LAB, the brand-new training, development and educational initiative financed in the frame of the programme Interreg Italia-Francia ALCOTRA 2014-2020 – European Regional Development Fund, is finally shaping up.

This initiative, launched by Museo Nazionale del Cinema and Bonlieu Scène Nationale Annecy, is born from the collaboration between TorinoFilmLab and Annecy Cinéma Italien, the most important French festival dedicated to contemporary Italian cinema.

After a few months – and after 70 submissions – we couldn’t wait longer to announce the official selection of 2021.

We are extremely happy to be able to present this first selection of Alpi Film Labstated the Head of Studies Francesco Giai Via The group we have formed represents an extremely diverse and vital ensemble of new talents in French and Italian cinema, and each of them brings a solid and structured motivation to create new opportunities for cross-border collaboration.”

The ultimate goal of ALPI FILM LAB is to enhance the cross-border film industry by boosting the value of the Italian-French co-production and strengthening its competitiveness on the international market.

The participants will work on 8 feature film projects (four Italians and four French ones) presented by teams of producers already pairing with a director. Besides them, the selection includes 4 producers from France and 4 from Italy, who have applied as single professionals.

Among the latter, half come from the ALCOTRA territory (3 Italian and 1 French), as well as 4 of the 8 selected projects represent the ALCOTRA areas (2 French and 2 Italian ones).

The 24 selected participants - 12 female professionals and 12 male professionals – will have the chance to focus on feature films, documentaries and animated films.

Let’s meet these international film professionals who will experience a simulated international co-production across 2021.



Producer: Eleonora Trapani
Production company: Ddraunara (Turin)
Director: Angela Conigliaro

Trapani is a storyboard artist at Cartoon Saloon, an Irish studio five times nominated for an Oscar. At the same time, she works on various Italian productions, and in 2021 he founded Ddraunara together with Angela Conigliaro.
Conigliaro is a director, screenwriter and concept artist. She directed two short films with Rai and worked for the BBC and Bloompix. Her first feature film "La Bambina di Sale" was presented at Cartoon Springboard and at MIFA Pitches (Annecy) and selected Open Workshop residency in Denmark.

Producer: Margot Mecca
Production company: Malfé Film (Turin)
Director: Matteo Tortone

Since 2011 Mecca collaborates with Festival dei Popoli, where she selects and takes care of professional and training activities. Besides that, she works on the creative development and production of documentary and fictional cinema projects.
Author, producer, d.o.p and founder of Malfé Film. Besides other acknowledgments, Tortone won the Eurimages Lab Award [Agora WIP TIFF2019] with “Mother Lode”.

Producer: Ivan Casagrande Conti
Production company: Rosso Film (Milan)
Director: Marta Innocenti

Casagrande Conti started working freelance in film and advertising production. In 2016 he began collaborating with the Rosso production house. In 2018 he worked on “Mille volte ricominciare”, by Daniela de Felice, a documentary co-produced with France.
Innocenti is an Italian director trained at the Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti in Milan. In 2017, she wrote and directed her first documentary short film “La Trasferta”. Her first feature-length documentary “L’Assedio” is currently being distributed.

Producer: Antonella Di Nocera
Production company: Parallelo 41 Produzioni (Naples)
Director: Sabrina Iannucci

Producer, educator and events curator for over 30 years, Di Nocera founded in 2002 Parallelo 41 produzioni. In 2020, her last three productions were featured in Rotterdam, the Venice Biennale and the Festival dei Popoli.
Iannucci is an author, director, videomaker and trainer. Her documentary “It cannot be always summer” directed with Margherita Panizon, has its international premiere at Annecy Cinéma Italien in 2018 and was showcased at various festivals between Italy and France.



Producer: Antoine Guide
Production company: Avant la Nuit (Aix-les-Bains)
Directors: Luca Renucci and Stefano La Rosa

Guide founded a production company in Phnom Penh and is currently in the post-production phase of his first documentary “Khmerica” (which he also directed). He founded the French production company Avant la Nuit.
Renucci worked for the production company Agat Film / Ex Nihilo and in the short films department of the CNC. Between 2019 and 2020, he wrote “Come Prima” by Tommy Weber, a Franco-Italian co-production.
La Rosa worked between 2014 and 2017 on the film “Samouni Road” by Stefano Savona, selected at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs 2018 and winner of various prizes. Since 2017 he has been carrying out various projects with Luca Renucci.

Producer: Clémentine Mourão-Ferreira
Production company: so-cle production cinématographique (Lormont)
Director: Chiara Cremaschi

Mourão-Ferreira worked as production director and later as executive, administrative and financial producer for the Gemini, Les Films de l'Après-Midi and Fidélité. In March 2020, she founded the so-cle company in Bordeaux. She is developing feature films in co-production with Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland and Argentina.
Screenwriter and film director, Cremaschi has directed two short films selected at various festivals that led her to be Representative of Italy at the Kodak showcase for European New Talents / Cannes 2000 and three documentaries.


Producer: Francis Forge
Production company: La Société des Apaches (Lyon)
Director: Hugo Saugier

Festival coordinator and artistic director, in 2016, Forge joined the Société des Apaches as a producer and following young directors and female directors in their hybrid and daring film projects.
Saugier carried out numerous explorations around video and sound. His first feature film is a documentary about the iconic mountain overlooking his parents' village. He is also a video manager for various theaters and cultural venues in Marseille.

Producer: Julie Viez
Production company: Cinenovo (Paris)
Director: Morgan Simon

In 2012 Viez founded Cinenovo, with the goal of producing arthouse cinema and discovering new international talents. Since 2017 she works with CG Cinéma where she oversees the financial and production aspects of the industry.
Morgan’s short films have distinguished themselves at various festivals Sponsored by the Cinéfondation Atelier in Cannes in 2015, his first feature film, “Compte tes blessures”, has been awarded at numerous international festivals, including that of San Sebastián. He is currently funding his second feature film.



Gianluca De Angelis – Telka (Turin)
Producer and journalist, De Angelis founded Tekla in 2009, based in Turin. He has made films screened in cinemas and broadcasted also internationally.

Giuseppe Gori Savellini – TICO Film (Trieste)
Gori Savellini has worked in planning and promotion in film festivals and in independent film distribution from 2017 to 2019. Since 2020 he has been working with Tico Film, based in Trieste.

Federico Minetti – Effendemfilm (Turin)
Federico Minetti founded Effendemfilm in 2009.  Some of their main titles premiered – and often won – at Torino Film Festival, Biennale, Berlinale.

Francesca Portalupi – Indyca (Turin) 
Portalupi worked for over 10 years with Documentary in Europe, organising international pitching forums. She joined Indyca in 2019, where she develops feature films and creative documentaries.


Jérémie Chevret – Duno Films (Lyon)
Chevret founded Plus de Prod 12 years ago, specialised in executive production and service provision in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. In 2018 he created Duno Films, dedicated exclusively to the production of short and feature films.

Leslie Jacob – Adastra Films (Cannes)
Specialised in production systems in France and Italy, with Adastra Films Jacob produced, since 2016, two feature films “Domingo” by Raúl López Echeverría and “A Girl's Room” by Aino Suni.

Nadège Labé – Wendigo Films (Les Lilas)
In 2011 Labé joined the production company Wendigo Films, where she developed international co-productions. She recently completed the production of “Mother Lode” by Matteo Tortone, an Italy-Switzerland documentary co-production.

Lionel Massol – Films Grand Huit (Paris)
Massol is a producer at Films Grand Huit, a company he created with Pauline Seigland. In 6 years, they have produced more than 25 short films selected in the most important international festivals.

All of them will meet in Annecy (France) from 29 May to 1 June during the first workshop; the second workshop will take place in Turin (25 - 29 June TBC), and the third once again in Annecy (29 September - 3 October). In between, they’ll work together in three online sessions, until the presentation in November 2021 during Torino Film Industry, organised by Film Commission Torino Piemonte.

Trained by the tutor producers Giovanni Pompili and Julie Billy, the participants will be guided also by two story editors: Chiara Laudani, screenwriter and author, and Anna Ciennik (Alumna ScriptLab 2017) and Industry Village manager of the Les Arcs Film festival.