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9 projects are ready for SeriesLab 2021

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9 projects are ready for SeriesLab 2021

May 25, 2021

We started the 5th edition of the TorinoFilmLab annual programme focused on TV series with 125 projects coming from 36 different countries, presented by 258 authors with 83 producers. After quite some time spent on analysing, discussing and cherry-picking, we are now ready to reveal the final selection SeriesLab 2021.

“What surprises me is the increasing maturity of the authors and producers discovered among the applicants - says Nicola Lusuardi, SeriesLab Head of Studies - Their desire for an exchange with different voices, in an international and diverse arena. The feeling that only thanks to the encounter with multiple others is it possible to test the clarity and originality of their vision. Diversity, originality and clarity are what we have been looking for, that’s what thrilled us among the projects we have chosen.

The strong professional background of the participants and the originality of the ideas are common traits of the 9 selected projects representing 10 European countries - Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom - brought by 20 participants among which 12 female professionals and 8 male ones.

Among the projects, we are happy to welcome once again the teams of TUNA, that took part in TFL Next 2021 – TV and of 30 BULLETS, that was part of TFL Extended 2018 - Script Development.

Read names, titles and details down below.
If drama is your thing, you’ll not be disappointed.

30 BULLETS (Austria)
Arash T. Riahi: Director/Scriptwriter/Producer
Arman T. Riahi: Director/Scriptwriter
The unbelievable true story of how state-led terrorism in Europe was brought to its knees in the 90ies by a clever and witty terror-survivor, an ambitious journalist and a German prosecutor, who had to go against his own government. A historic event still effecting today’s terror attacks in Europe.
Genre: Drama/Thriller/Period Piece

BEAST (Serbia – Germany)
Marijana Verhoef: Writer
Luisa Leopold: Producer
During the investigation of a trail of twisted femicides, the lives of two policewomen collide and interfere, as one butts heads with her superiors and men in general while the other is making the world a better place for women by leading a double life as a vigilante serial killer.
Genre: Crime-thriller

GLORIA (Hungary)
Balázs Zachar: Producer
Marcsi Tóth: Writer
Fanni Szilágyi: Director/Co-writer
Having spent eighteen years isolated in a convent, a young nun is forced to start a new life in the secular world. While struggling to support herself without any practical experience, the odd pious girls finds the true meaning of sin, faith and love.
Genre: Limited drama series

HELENA I AM (Poland)
Annika Glac: Writer/Director
Robyn Kershaw: Producer
Banished from her Polish Orthodox family to outback Australia, a young woman builds a billion dollar makeup empire all from lanolin the grease off sheep's wool. This is a true story of Helena Rubinstein who became the most powerful woman in the world.
Genre: Drama - True story/Period

Lucy Meer: Producer
Margo Roe: Writer/Director
"They 're calling it World War III". As threat of conflict pervades their community, five friends living in the British Midlands have six weeks of freedom before they are catapulted into adulthood.
Genre: Young Audience Comedy Drama

SEVEN TERRORS (Bosnia-Herzegovina - Croatia)
Emina Omerović: Writer
Asja Krsmanović: Writer
Ishak Jalimam: Producer
Isak investigates the disappearance of his older colleague, journalist Aleksa during the war time in the industrial Bosnian city. On his way to discover what happened to Aleksa, Isak will discover the world of mythological creatures that are subconscious projection of traumas of a destroyed city.
Genre: Psychological thriller

Wendy Huyghe: Writer
Domien Huyghe: Writer/Director
Dries Phlypo: Producer
Five skaters occupy a vacant warehouse. Their innocent actions turn into a struggle with society, and with themselves. Sk8 or H8 is a drama series about struggling teenagers who want to claim their place in the world, but first need to find the way to their true inner-self.
Genre: Drama

Lukas Bossuyt: Scriptwriter/Director
Serge Bierset: Producer
Five years ago, eco-terrorists made most fossil fuel sources unusable. Three sisters and their father live a horse ranch and use the horses now for transport and ploughing the land. When their father suddenly dies the sisters, still minors, hide his death to avoid being separated for adoption.
Genre: Drama

TUNA (The Netherlands)
Thessa Meijer: Writer/Director
When confused teenager Zoe (17) is attacked by a tongue-eating louse, she finds that it gives her a strange sense of security and strength. But as this comes at a price, Zoe has to decide whether to get rid of the parasite or live with a dark secret that increasingly takes control of her.
Genre: Young Adult / Horror