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TFL Next TV, the second workshop for TV Series addicted

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TFL Next TV, the second workshop for TV Series addicted

June 11, 2021

Many good things come with the good season, including the second edition of TFL Next - TV.
This workshop, shaped in a digital form, will take place from June 14th to 18th and from July 12th to 16th.
And yes, it’s online, which means you can follow the discussion while enjoying the outdoors.

By the end of the programme, the 16 TV Series projects selected will be developed and enlarged thanks to a dialogue with other creative professionals and with a team of international tutors.

We are happy to welcome the writer and producer Michaela Sabo and we are glad to have again with us the scriptwriter Ori Sivan, the story editor and scriptwriter Giacomo Durzi and the producer Eilon Ratzkovsky.

Without further ado, down below you can have a look at the teams and get inspired by the synopsis. 
Which one would you watch right away?

175° by Anne Vanoppen (Writer) and Jules Jordens (Writer) - Belgium
What happens if the daughter of a local friterie falls in love with the manager of the globalist fast food chain that pops up next door and doesn't know whether it's to spite her dad or a sign of who she really is?

BAYARD by Melissa Dhondt (Writer), Samuel Bruyneel (Producer) - Belgium
‘Bayard’ is a contemporary family saga revisiting the original legend of the ‘Four Sons of Aymon’. 

BLOODY DUNES by Andrius Lekavicius (Writer) - Lithuania
The traces of the missing prom queen lead her friend to the border of Kaliningrad and the signs of the organ trafficking network but the lost girl is not the one who needs saving.

COMIC A-MOCK! by Vasilis Tsiouvaras (Writer, Director) and Taxiarchis Deligiannis (Writer, Director) - Greece
A mockumentary about the creation of a hit comic and the comic itself about 2 modern Robin Hoods in a dystopian society.

DIRTY by Paul Cioran (Writer, Director) and Diana Păroiu (Producer), Ada Solomon (Producer) - Romania
Four women clean up after epic clashes between high life and low morals in a luxury hotel, unexpectedly proving that they can fight as dirty as politicians, the Church, assassins, or anything else life throws at them.

DISTAFF by Anita Juka (Producer) and Nenad Antolovic (Writer) - Croatia
The lives of four different women are changed in a day, and a joint fight against crime awaits them. At the same time, we follow their everyday struggles, the challenges they face, the issues that hold them back and the adversities they endure. Even though their struggle will be put to the test, the unity of the four women will prove itself crucial.

ERRATUM by Vicente Garcia Groyon (Writer), Janus Victoria (Director) - Philippines
An aging journalist corrects the public record on a faith healer she once exposed, suddenly believing his miracles are real.

INCOMERS by Lena Vurma (Writer, Director, Producer), Thor Klein (Writer, Director) - Germany/ Scotland  INCOMERS is a coming-of-age drama series based on Celtic mythology. Minka (15) moves with her chaotic mother to the Scottish Isle of Morrigan, where she deals with foreigners, locals and a dying language which unlocks a mysterious world under threat. Ultimately, Minka has to find out where she belongs.

IS A WOMAN by Ellen De Waele (Producer) and Maaike Neuville (Writer/Director) - Belgium
During a chaotic day and stormy night in Brussels, ten different women cross paths in their common search for freedom.

KINGDOM COME by Daniel Zimbler (Writer), Andrew Duncan Visser (Writer) – United Kingdom
As the Royal Family fights to survive a republican uprising, a playboy prince develops a talent (and taste) for power, and steps over his Crown Prince father to bring back absolute monarchy.

PARTY PEOPLE by Livia Schoonejans (Writer) and Dominique Barneaud (Producer) - France/Belgium
Ibiza, 2001. Once a temple for the hippies and hedonism, the club’s scene have turned into a ruthless industry. Andrew, a star DJ in midlife struggling with addictions is challenged to stay at the top, trapped in a world of everlasting youth.

THE 49TH STAR by Raffaello Vignoli (Producer) and Michele Ainzara (Writer) – Italy/U.S.A.
Maddalena’s new assignment, a faraway American land in the Mediterranean Sea, becomes the destination of a devastating personal journey when nominated Attorney General of the 49th State: Sicily. She will follow a twisting path to arrive at a truth she doesn't want to know.

THE BORDER by Rouzie Hassanova (Writer) and Gergana Stankova (Producer) - Bulgaria
Desperate to save enough for a life-changing operation for their teen daughter Peppy, the wildly dysfunctional Petkov family would do anything, even convert their house as a restaurant with the occasional room to rent. Set on the border of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, this narrative comedy drama is filled with lost-in-translation humour, mish-mash of immigrants and deeply flawed characters. After all, despite all the history we share and the borders we build, the Balkans are one big family.

THE CONVENT by Dimitra Barla (Writer) - Greece
The story follows an abused young woman who turns into a religious torturer after joining a dubious convent. Enamoured with the Mother Superior and manipulated by her and her group of protegees, she dives into the convent's secret world of lust, power games and violence. When she is forced to choose between saving the woman she loves or staying loyal to the Mother Superior, the price she pays for justifying her actions in the name of faith is her sanity.

THE DOMINION by Jasmina Wesolowski (Writer) and Bettina Oberli (Writer, Director) - Switzerland/Germany
While researching a vaccine against the global male-killing virus pandemic of 2035, physician Alessia (34) discovers that the matriarchal establishment has long kept it under lock and key.

THE LOST ONES by Mariana Thome (Writer/Director) and Jotagà Crema (Writer/Director) - Brazil
Estranged teenagers, forced to work together on a school trip, get lost in a forest where they are trapped by the spirits of dead students. Now they have to face these ghosts of a terrible bus accident, while dealing with their own internal ghosts, in order to escape.