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Alpi Film Lab, 2021 edition: the French and Italian teams

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Alpi Film Lab, 2021 edition: the French and Italian teams

July 13, 2021

Two workshops (out of four) are over for this first year of Alpi Film Lab, initiative of TorinoFilmLab and Annecy Cinéma Italien, launched by Museo Nazionale del Cinema and Bonlieu Scène Nationale Annecy and financed in the frame of the programme Interreg Italia-Francia ALCOTRA 2014-2020 – European Regional Development Fund.

After the first residential workshop held in Annecy in May, the participants met once again in France - from 25th to 29th June -  with the ultimate goal of working on their 8 projects in a simulated international co-production environment.

Speaking of which, the matchmaking has been done!
Down below you can find the list of the 8 creative teams (from France and Italy) that have been paired up with a French/Italian producer.

Stay tuned for the next Alpi Film Lab’s appointments: in France (from 29th September until 3rd October) at the same time with Annecy Cinéma Italien - iconic French festival dedicated to Italian cinema -, and in Turin (from 27th to 29th November) during Torino Film Industry.

Italian projects (producer & director) with French producers

Eleonora Trapani & Angela Conigliaro (Ddraunara - Turin)
French producer: Lionel Massol (Films Grand Huit - Paris)
Piccirì, a girl made of sea salt, dissolves on contact with water. When her beloved father is lost at sea, she chooses to face her fragilities and risks her life to find him. On this journey beyond her limits, Piccirì discovers herself, her true origin, and her unbelievable strength.

Margot Mecca (Malfé Film - Turin) & Matteo Tortone
French producer: Nadège Labé (Wendigo Films -  Les Lilas)
A suburb of an industrial city in Northern Italy is the microcosm narrating about the pervasiveness of structural racism and the 'Ndrangheta in the Italian social fabric. Following the intertwining stories of various characters, the film tells the pogrom of an abusive Roma camp.

Ivan Casagrande Conti (Rosso Film - Milan) & Marta Innocenti
French producer: Leslie Jacob (Adastra Films - Cannes)
Stuck in Milan during the Summer holidays, the seventeen-year-olds Mati and Amin fall in love. Mati dreams of becoming a trap singer and gets angry when they call her "girl". Caught between a deep relationship that she has always rejected and her feeling out of place, she will discover hidden parts of herself.

Antonella Di Nocera (Parallelo 41 Produzioni - Naples) & Sabrina Iannucci
French producer: Jérémie Chevret (Duno Films - Lyon)
Tea and Caterina are two 25-year-old women connected by a love consisting in authentic beauty but also obsession and addiction. Together they pursue an ambitious dream that will highlight the restlessness of a generation divided between an uncertain future and the possibility of building a new beginning.

French projects (producer & director) with Italian producers

Francis Forge (La Société des Apaches - Lyon) & Hugo Saugier
Italian producer: Giuseppe Gori Savellini (TICO Film - Trieste)
Pecore, a ski resort, a radio astronomy observatory. Here is what you can see in Dévoluy, a valley in the French High Alps, guarded by a massive and desert shield, the mysterious Pic de Bure. They say that up there you can find a way somewhere that leads to heaven.

Julie Viez (Cinenovo - Paris) & Morgan Simon
Italian producer: Francesca Portalupi (Indyca - Turin)
Spring, 1941. After the Jews and the Roma, the Chinese population living in Italy is deported. Thus, about one hundred and sixteen Chinese citizens are imprisoned in semi-freedom in the region Abruzzo, finding no real reason for their imprisonment. Among them, Tenzin, a former professor, tries to survive and to make sense of this situation.

Antoine Guide (Avant la Nuit - Aix-les-Bains) & Luca Renucci - Stefano La Rosa
Italian producer: Gianluca De Angelis (Tekla - Torino)
In an isolated village in the Venice lagoon, a submissive woman, always at the service of others, finds out she is the reincarnation of Marie Antoinette. Convinced of being a queen, Lorraine begins to claim all that is due to her, under the shocked gaze of her family ...

Clémentine Mourão-Ferreira (so-cle production cinématographique - Lormont) & Chiara Cremaschi
Italian producer: Federico Minetti (Effendemfilm - Turin)
Switzerland, Winter 1971. Seasonal workers from Northern Italy get politically engaged aspiring to a better world. But there is a price to pay: a little girl who has arrived illegally is forced into a confined life, without making any noise, in order not to be discovered.