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9 tv series projects boosted by SeriesLab 2021 presented at MIA and open call of SeriesLab 2022

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9 tv series projects boosted by SeriesLab 2021 presented at MIA and open call of SeriesLab 2022

October 4, 2021

It’s time to wrap up the 2021 edition of SeriesLab – the TFL programme strongly dedicated to seriality. After a productive year made of online modules and (finally!) a residential workshop in Turin, the 9 teams are ready to bring their projects on stage during the upcoming MIA - the first Italian market converging all the segments of the audiovisual industry -, whose 7th edition will be held in Rome, between 13th and 17th October 2021.

Anticipating the pitching session – that will take place in the afternoon of 14th October – the market’s guests will have the possibility to take part in a panel at 12.00 pm called “The Dream Team: Talents, Producers and Their Relationships”, organised by TorinoFilmLab, ACE Producers, MIDPOINT Institute.

Nicola Lusuardi, SeriesLab Head of Studies, will join a conversation on international training programmes that will move from how talents and producers can find each other to the differences between their relationships when it comes to series and film; with him Martichka Bozhilova – Producer at Agitrop and Gabor Krigler – Head of Studies at TV Launch and MIDPOINT Institute tutor, and founder at Joyrider.

The long-awaited moment for our SeriesLab 2021 participants will follow, at 2.00 pm. The teams will have the chance to pitch their innovative and high-profile international TV series projects.

And as stated by Lusuardi: “Each edition of SeriesLab renews the beauty and emotion of surprising encounters with authors, producers and projects that represent a formidable panorama of human, aesthetic and cultural differences. And the beauty of this process consists in the freedom of a confrontation free from any need other than the evolution of the project and its strength”.

Don’t miss the #TFL events at MIA, the registration for accreditation is still open!
Check out all the details here.

Lastly, an edition closing corresponds to a new beginning!
The SeriesLab call 2022 will be open from 11th October until 6th January 2022
and it targets scriptwriters, directors or producers working on a TV series project at an early development stage.

Down below a quick recap on the projects of 2021 but since this is definitely not enough, you can download the - just-released - Book of Projects of SeriesLab 2021 from the dedicated page.

30 BULLETS by Arash T. Riahi & Arman T. Riahi (Austria), BEAST by Marijana Verhoef & Luisa Leopold (Serbia – Germany), COALVILLE by Lucy Meer & Margo Roe (United Kingom), GLORIA by Balázs Zachar, Marcsi Tóth & Fanni Szilágyi (Hungary), HELENA I AM by Annika Glac & Robyn Kershaw (Poland), SEVEN TERRORS by Emina Omerović, Asja Krsmanović & Ishak Jalimam (Bosnia-Herzegovina - Croatia), SKATE OR HATE by Wendy Huyghe, Domien Huyghe & Dries Phlypo (Belgium), THE RESET by Lukas Bossuyt & Serge Bierset (Belgium), TUNA by Thessa Meijer (The Netherlands).

SeriesLab 2021 is realised thanks to the support of the Creative Europe - MEDIA Sub-programme of the European Union; in partnership with VAF - Flanders Audiovisual Fund and MIA | International Audiovisual Market.