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TFL Meeting Event


November 26, 2021

With a couple of days away from the 29th November - the beginning of the 14th Meeting Event back in Turin - the only thing left to do is read carefully and memorize the most important appointments not to miss.

Our FeatureLab and ScriptLab participants will be finally all together to get trained and to end their programmes at TorinoFilmLab with a final pitching session, one-to-one meetings and the long-awaited Awards Ceremony, that wraps up the whole year.
Besides, on Friday will kick off the TFI Torino Film Industry that will host - in the frame of the FCTP Production Days - two TFL initiatives.
Let’s start on…

During the day the participants of FeatureLab and ScriptLab will land in Turin from different locations in the world and they’ll begin their preparation step by step. Speaking of which, all projects are described carefully in the just-released TFL Catalogue
Their programme in town will be enriched by two plenary sessions: one dedicated to the ScriptLab teams and held by the pitching trainer Agathe Berman and the other one involving FeatureLab groups that will have a talk with the sales expert Zsuzsi Bankuti.

On the other hand, these first few days will be also based at Circolo dei lettori - one of the locations of TFI - to focus on the Up & Coming Italia and the Alpi Film Lab programmes. In the afternoon, TFL organised a masterclass on international sales in the co-production field held by the sales agent Hedi Zardi.  

Sunday means pitching training and rehearsals for both the ScriptLab and FeatureLab classes, but also for the U&C and AFL participants that will keep learning on how to expose their projects in the most successful way. Furthermore, an interesting masterclass titled “Thinking International During Development” will take place at Circolo dei lettori, with the French producer Didar Domehri.

Lastly, the pitching moment arrives for the Up & Coming Italia teams in the morning and right after lunch for the Alpi Film Lab directors and producers; afterwards, all of them will be busy in one-to-one meetings together with selected industry professionals.

Moving on, Monday’s schedule will be packed with jury meetings: the three different international juries will work hard to evaluate the 20 ScriptLab and 10 FeatureLab projects, but it will be necessary to wait until Wednesday to discover the winning titles.
In the evening, the proper inauguration of the TFL Meeting Event 2021 will unfold with a dinner at the charming Palazzo Ceriana Mayneri built in the XIX century, organised in the safest possible way, this happening represents a precious moment to have the TFL community under the same roof, after a long pause.

On the following day, at the Scuola Holden will take place – once again – the official take-off of the Meeting Event. The rest of the day will be full of pitching sessions for the ScriptLab and FeatureLab projects and in parallel with one-to-one meetings between the teams and the decision-makers who came to town to meet them. A special event will be held in the early evening: a showcase of the TFL films ready to fly solo into the festival circuit, with the Coming Soon selection.

The last day will begin with more one-to-one and more pitching sessions in order to give everyone the chance to expose their stories for the screen after a year of hard work. The highlight and the most emotional moment of the day though? The Awards Ceremony, starting in the late afternoon at the General Store (Scuola Holden). Different ScriptLab and FeatureLab projects will get rewarded with a monetary prize or with services; since the awards are numerous and various, we invite you to deepen the topic in the dedicated news

Of course, the next news will be fully centred on the awarded projects. Wait and see.

Right after the Turinese happening, an online edition of the TFL Meeting Event 2021 will follow, with a bunch of specially designed digital events taking place between 6th and 10th December. We’ll also talk about that soon enough!