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Anna Wydra

Anna Wydra




CNC Jury 2018
Decision Maker 2018
Decision Maker 2013


Anna Wydra runs Otter Films, a Warsaw-based production company focused on art-house fiction and documentary films for cinema and TV, with an emphasis on the international market.

She got an Oscar nomination for the documentary "Rabbit a la Berlin". She produced or co-produced many award-winning documentary movies incl: "6 Degrees", "Deep Love", "Domino Effect", "Art of Disappearing" and "Communion" (European Film Award 2017).
Feature film "Zud" by Marta Minorowicz had its premiere on Berlinale Film Festival 2016 and "Ayka" by Sergey Dvortsevoy was nominated to Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival 2018.

Anna is producer and co-writer of "The Mute" - middle-ages drama by Bartosz Konopka. She is a member of European Film Academy.

company profile

Otter Films is a creative team of people devoted to good stories and artistic qualities. Most of projects are national or international co-productions, shot in many places all over the world (incl. Haiti, USA, Mexico, Abkhazia, Morocco, Mongolia) with great film-makers (S. Dvortsevoy, A. Wajda, A. Holland, J. Dylewska, B. Konopka, M. Minorowicz).

In 2013 company premieres 3 documentaries: THE ART OF DISAPPEARING, DEEP LOVE and SIX DEGREES.